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  • Lucy Day

Yes. No. Maybe...

Values are a brilliant way to help navigate difficult career decisions. They can free you from feelings of uncertainty.

Have you ever made a decision in the heat of the moment, only to realise a few days, weeks or months later that it really wasn’t for you?

I was recently given the opportunity to discuss some potential work with a highly esteemed organisation which, at first glance, felt amazing. My response was: ‘Yes’ 💪‘ Brilliant’.

However, once I got over the excitement of being invited in to talk with them, I started to take a less egotistic look at the opportunity. Something wasn’t sitting right. I wasn’t putting my usual high level of energy into the pre-project preparation. Was self-doubt kicking in? 🤔

There may have been a degree of that, but I can usually overcome those feelings with a couple of techniques that work for me. It was more than that. I knew I needed to talk with someone who would be a listening partner, who would give me space to work out why my energy levels were low. The potential work would have been a significant commitment and so I needed help with looking at the bigger picture.

During my phone call with my trusted ‘listening buddy’, I soon realised that I couldn’t commit to the work on offer (as fabulous as the organsation was) because it just wasn’t aligning with my values. For a start, I didn’t think their expectations would give me the work-life balance I need and then I wasn’t convinced that it ticked my all-important box of wanting to help make change for the greater-good; how much of a difference would my hard work really be making to the organsiation and its people?

Have I made the right decision? Right now, it feels like I have. And having used my values as my guide, I am confident that I will feel the same way tomorrow, and the day after that…

Why am I telling you this?

Values are so important when it comes to making decisions you have confidence in. They help you understand what’s important to you, live authentically and have honest conversations that will help you find the path that’s right for you. And the real coo is that having greater clarity about what you are and aren't willing to invest in will decrease in your stress levels and improve your levels of satisfaction. Bingo!

If you want to discover your values and how they can help you with your important career decisions, please get in touch, I’d love to chat.

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