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  • Lucy Day

What sand, marshland and lycra taught me about the value in sharing signs of pressure

We thought an off-road coastal race would be fun, but it brought us to our knees…quite literally.

We knew it would be a challenge and so we agreed to start as a three and finish as a three.

There were face plants and near misses (luckily mine was the latter, but still, it was a completely unglamorous affair).

Each of us struggled at different points in the race but the support we gave each other meant we got over our mental bumps and finished on a high.

One of the most important things we did before the race was to tell each other the signs to lookout for which might indicate that we’re finding things tough. We then knew when to offer support and encouragement.

We don’t always ask for help when we need it. But, by sharing how you tend to display signs of stress or discomfort, it gives those around you the ability to reach out and offer support without you having to ask for it.

I was once asked in an interview how people can tell when I’m under pressure. I’m not sure that back then I really understood the value in the question, but I sure as heck do now.

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