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  • Lucy Day

Transform Programme: a supportive, inspiring space to share, learn and re-charge

Updated: May 17, 2022

For senior leaders who want to join a small collective of like-minded people to help successfully manage their work challenges

  • Do you feel like you have to make tough decisions on your own?

  • Is your workload affecting your work-life balance and you're unable to switch off at night?

  • Do you feel unnoticed or are you struggling to get your voice heard?

  • Are team members constantly looking to you for solutions?

  • Do you automatically take on new tasks and responsibilities?

All of this can cause stress and overwhelm, in an already tough environment.

This is a new programme designed with your personal needs in mind, where for an hour once a month, you can voice your issues and start to think differently about your biggest challenges.

Introductory offer: sign up to this four session pilot programme for only £99 or £25 for charities whose income is <£750k.

Groups are limited to seven people.

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