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  • Lucy Day

Change begins with disruption

If you could change one thing, what would it be right now?

You’re probably thinking ‘Only one thing?’ But yes, one thing. I’m making you choose. What one thing could you change to help you feel more energised?

The reason I’m limiting it (for now) is because you have to start somewhere. If you choose to focus on one thing that’s really important to you, you’re more likely to stick with it and achieve it…and then you’ll be ready for the next thing on your list.

A recent client of mine decided that the one thing she wanted to change was her work pattern. It started off, in her mind, as a pipedream but she soon realised how important this was to her as it really was disrupting her life. She felt that this was the first thing she needed to do to help make her job feel less stressful and life more fulfilling. If she could create time to do the things she loves, but doesn’t currently have the capacity for, she would feel less resentful of her work.

I’m not saying it was a quick fix; we had to spend time working out what needed to shift, what was driving her need, and what conversations would need to take place (both with herself and her manager) to effect the desired change.

What habits do you need to disrupt?

Do you know what needs to change for you to bring more balance back to your life? To create better relationships so you can be the person you want to be both at work and at home help you discover what shifts your energy levels up and down a gear, you

Now, ask why

The important thing is to be clear on why you want to make that change. Once you understand this, it will help you make decisions and give you the courage to pursue the transformation you want.

Her why was that she wanted a balanced life. She wasn’t spending the time she wanted with her family, doing the things she loved. Her relationships were suffering. She was overwhelmed and didn’t engage fully with those close to her - at work and at home. A compelling reason, eh?

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