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Hi, I'm Lucy. 
Thanks for dropping by!

If you want to learn a bit more about me, why I started H2H thinking, and why building an emotional culture matters, then read on.

I'm a person who loves exploring how things can be improved and developed.  That's why I've spent most of my career challenging how things have always been done and bringing people together to discuss possibilities

I've been responsible for establishing strategies for newly created roles or taking established roles to the next level; developing teams to support organisational growth; leading on the development of new products and creating stakeholder / supporter communication strategies.

I have a reputation for building relationships and driving collaborative working; for knowing how to create conversations that lead to solutions to perceived problems.  It's defiantly a strength of mine.​


In a nutshell, I love working in organisations who are looking for someone to help with its growth and development.  I have a reputation for spotting opportunities and for taking people with me on a journey of growth and change.

Why H2H Thinking?

It's all about communication.  It really can make the difference between a shitty workplace and one where people can flourish.

I've seen colleagues hit stalemates, progress stall and relationships come under strain because of a failure to take the time to understand each other's position.    

Who do I work with?   People and organisations who want to achieve good things - who have a social purpose.  Organisations who want to realise their ambitions but not at the cost of their greatest assets - their people.  

I support founders and leaders in creating more human-centred workplaces.  Where everyone feels valued and that they're playing their part in the organisation's success.

How do I do this?  By helping you manage your emotional culture.  

Why is it important?  Emotions are what make us human.  They can really start to mess with the way we think and the decisions we make when the pressure is on.  

My mission is to help organisations with a social purpose have more human conversations.  To create a culture of healthy debate, where people are heard, so great ideas can surface and more impact can be made.  

What's in it for you?

Retention of your lovely people. because they feel valued..  A team of problems solvers and creative thinkers, because they are encouraged to share their thinking. Staff who are motivated - they joined you for a reason.  They have a sense of purpose.

And this is just for starters...

And just in case you wonder who I am away from workI spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors -it's where I go to recharge and is often where my best ideas come to light!  I have a passion for travel and have been fortunate enough to visit many beautiful countries.


T: 01223 473927
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